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My Daddy, the Devil, and Me



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A Compelling Memoir About Overcoming a Dark Life Chapter

My Daddy, the Devil, and Me

A True Story 

“My Daddy, the Devil, and Me” is anything but an ordinary autobiographical piece. For 21 years, Debra Davis, the author, kept a dark and dirty secret but then—she broke free. You have never read anything like this book.


 “My Daddy, the Devil, and Me” is a harrowing true story that will turn everything you think you know about incest upside down. How can someone you trust and adore brainwash you and turn you into something you are not?

Well, Debra Davis always thought that she was daddy’s little girl. However, at the tender age of 15, daddy’s so-called “little girl” became his lover and slave.

Led by her father into a violent life of crime, she became a prostitute, drug addict, victim of physical abuse, and prison inmate. She even came close to murdering him, but her love for her father never stopped. 

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